I need to go on a tartan detox. It's a very unhealthy obsession I have with the fabric. I think Vivienne Westwood may be the root cause of my love...  

Tuesday we were all slowly melting in the heat. In England any form of vaguely extreme weather is reason not to work so this photo is an example of my procrastination. I was meant to be on the inside of the window in my studio photographing new stock. Instead I was sunning myself and eating a Calippo.  

Screen shot 2017-06-23 at 11.37.38.png

I took a bus around Essex to find more Eliza Likes stock. These are my favourite days of the week because they normally involve me exploring some strange town I've never been to before and raiding every vintage fair, car boot and charity shop for amazing pieces. I've always loved searching out treasure ever since I was a little kid pretending to be an archeologist and digging up my parents' garden. If 'professional treasure hunter' is a job title then I think I'll be putting that slap bang in the middle of my next CV.

Photographing some of the new stock all day. I'm completely obsessed with these tangerine sunnies so expect to see them in every picture. The glittery belt is also a guilty pleasure. I grabbed it for £1.50 in Scope and  every time I wear it I feel like Tinker Bell so that can only be a good thing. 

In the garden in my chef trousers. I didn't realise they were chef trousers until I got them home and saw the little frying pan symbol on the pocket. My kitchen skills still have a lot to be desired so maybe if I wear the trousers I'll feel more in the zone. Maybe michelin-starred greatness is only an outfit away...