I'm a sucker for a sequin. I search out sparkly fabric like a Magpie.

Charity shops are a treasure trove for sequin enthusiasts. 

They're a time capsule of millennium party outfits and tube tops from the days of Ginger Spice and Baby One More Time. 

If you want to rock the sparkles on a Friday night but are worried about looking too much like a disco ball then tone it down with some Casual trousers like classic Levi's. 

THRIFT TIP : Don't neglect the accessories in the kids section.              

When you're looking to grab a spangly rucksack to rival a new Skinny Dip design then have a search in the children's section of the thrift store.

Sometimes the sparkliest treasure is thrown in with the under 12's because apparently twenty-somethings shouldn't be dressing like Tinker Bell... 

 Ashish are my sequinned heroes.    They do it right:  

Ashish on Instagram

Be Warned: Creating sequinned inspiration on Polyvore is an exceptional way to procrastinate. You could lose an entire day.

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The festival season is beginning to show its beautiful face. As you stock up on the glitter this year, take a trip to your nearest charity shop to hunt out your sequinned attire.

I guarantee you'll find sublime sparkles that are cheap as chips and just as dreamy as anything the high street has to offer.  


All the sequins I'm modelling on this page have been sourced from charity shops around Essex and East London, so next time you walk past Oxfam, keep an eye out for the glitter. 


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