The Perfect Pink.


The Perfect Pink.


Pink like that top young Kate modelled for her 1993 photo shoot with Corinne Day. Pink like Carrie's 1998 tulle dress in that famous sex and the city title sequence. Pink like the Ralph Lauren gown Gwyneth wore in 1999 when she accepted her Oscar  for Shakespeare in love.

All these pinks have one thing in common. The 90s. The era of the supreme shade of pink. The perfect colour. Fortunately charity shops are often like a wardrobe from 1995 so this Baby Spice hue is never in short supply.  The looks on this post are just a handful of the preloved pink treasure I've collected over the last six months.          

I can’t chat pink without mentioning my favourite pink outfit I’ve gazed at this year. Shopping second hand still requires a little designer inspiration sometimes. I think Ida Klamborn is exceptional. The pale pink dress from her Stockholm Fall 2017 show is my dream attire. Simple and beautiful with a grunge edge. 

See the look below in Vogue's catwalk archive:    |  |

The trend for Y2K outfits on Depop makes it an excellent marketplace to shop pink second hand. Search #pink in the app and delicious pink items will pop up for you to shop. I’ll be posting all my pink finds too so keep an eye on Depop @elizaholly.  

I've learned wearing head-to-toe pink can leave you looking a bit like an extra from Clueless so a single key piece like a hat, top or bag will give the perfect midpoint between Penelope Pitstop and Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. Styling pink with acid-washed denim, khaki or black leather is the perfect way to tone down the sweetness of the colour. Dressing pink also lends itself to snacking on similar coloured foods so candy floss, Party Rings, Iced Gems and Pink Panther biscuits are essential outfit accessories. 

Thrift Tip: Charity shops are big on stocking colours to suit the current season. The spring blossom epitomises pink so there’s no better time to go searching in Sue Ryder for essential blush apparel. 

If your eyes light up every time you see pink then you will love the Instagram aesthetics of: