Shopping off the high street & recycling style   

Like many good ideas it all started with a student budget and an exceptional party. It was a big Friday night, the wardrobe was looking  uninspiring and the purse was looking empty. I salvaged a fiver from down the back of my sofa and ran to the nearest Oxfam to see what I could find. I walked out the shop with a little gold playsuit for £3.99 and a 90s beaded choker for 50p. I have been shopping the same way ever since. I am searching every vintage warehouse, jumble sale, charity shop and antique market to salvage dreamy apparel that will help you express your style and shop with a little more individuality.

The important bit... 

Eliza Likes isn't just about finding great garments - we're helping this little planet out too. An estimated £140 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year.' (*, 'Valuing our Clothes', 2016). We're throwing out far too many totally wearable and totally chic clothes. It's time we kick the consumer culture and promote second hand shopping. ELIZA LIKES aims to help reduce the clothing footprint and promote sustainable fashion that doesn't compromise on style.  


Share your preloved looks with the hashtags #thriftstorestyle and #sustainablefashion 


* for more information on renewable shopping read 'Valuing our Clothes' the full 2016 clothing sustainability report by WRAP | The Waste and Resource Action Programme |